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Thank you for your interest in Carol Robb, Handwriting Analyst. Carol is a highly recognized professional handwriting analyst who has worked throughout the US and Canada for many of America's largest corporations for over 20 years.

Carol is a sought after performer at most any type of event because of her amazing perception into one's character and for her wit and sense of humor. Taking care not to embarrass anyone, people cannot believe her precise accuracy and come away feeling better about themselves.

For additional information about Carol Robb and her handwriting analysis, visit the Information section of this site. To contact Carol Robb directly, through email or by phone, visit the Contact section. References and brochures are available on request.

Did You Know:

  • Handwriting analysis cannot predict the future; it is merely a snap-shot of a person's personality at the time of writing.
  • The way people sign their names is exactly what they want others to know about them.
  • The capital "I" reveals a person's self esteem and the influence of the parents on the writer.
  • Personality traits and employee potential can be revealed by an analysis of a person's handwriting.
  • 85% of companies in Europe use handwriting analysis as an additional tool in employee selection.
  • Race, age, or sex cannot be determined by one's handwriting.